2014 Kids


Congratulations to the Axthelm family on their purchase of Lacie & Claire!

Congratulations to the Benson family on their purchase of Molly!

left to right Lacie, Molly, Claire (3)

(l to r) Lacie, Molly, Claire

Showing at the MDGA/TMGR ISDGA Classic Show in Boise, ID at 12 weeks old.

Claire RGCH side

Claire winning 1st in her class and then going on to win

Reserve Grand Champion Doe over aged does!





Poppy and doelings at kidding 2


Poppy had twin doelings at 1:40 PM on February 9, 2014!

Doeling 1, Emma, (chamoisee) weighed 7.31#

Doeling 2, Faith, (two tone broken chamoisee) weighed 6.81#.

F1 mini Alpine doelings

(78.25% Alpine/21.75% Nigerian Dwarf).


Congratulations Mary M. on your purchase of Emma!


Our first play toy!




Poppy’s girls, Emma and Faith, had their first outdoor adventure at 3 days old.  They discovered a new play toy – the brush roller.







Doelings at 3 days old





Faith (left) and Emma (right) also went out in the hay field for a romp and discovered snow at 3 days old.

Joules and doelings shortly after kidding 1








Joules’ had 3 doelings on February 13, 2014 at 6:10 PM!

Doeling 1, Lacie (chamoisee),weighed 5.11#

Doeling 2, Molly, (chamoisee)  weighed 4.36#

Doeling 3, Claire, (cou clair) weighed 4.14#.

Poppy with her two doelings 6 days old and Joules' 3 doelings at 2 days old






Poppy and her 6 day old doelings looking at Joules’ 2 day old doelings.


Joules' doelings first day outside






Joules’ doelings at 3 days old on their first day outdoors.  Claire (in the back), Molly (center), Lacie (front).





Emma wanting to know what I am doing




Emma at 3 weeks old.  She wants to know what I’m doing!  She is a very long and correct doeling.







Molly hind end




Joules’ doeling, Molly, at 18 days old.  She is a very correct doeling with a gorgeous hind end.