What is goatpacking?

Goatpacking is using a goat to carry packs filled with your gear to lighten your load and allow you to go further afield in all types of  terrain.

Goats are agile and leave literally no footprint compared to other pack animals such as horses, mules and llamas.  Goats can subsist on browse found along the trail and at your campsite so you don’t need to carry food for them.

The national organization for packgoat enthusiasts is the North American Packgoat Association (NAPgA).  NAPgA holds an annual Rendezvous in June each year with enthusiasts and their goats attending from throughout the United States.  The NAPgA website contains and/or has links to everything you need to know about packgoats – raising & training, equipment, where to meet other packgoat enthusiasts and more.  I encourage you to become an active member of NAPgA. http://napga.org/

Gather online with other packgoat enthusiasts at Pack Goat Central   http://www.packgoatcentral.com/forums/    It’s fun, friendly and informative!

From day hikes to extreme back country hiking packgoats can do it all!  They’ll work for you carrying your gear and fill your life with endless of joy.