Sale Terms and Conditions

I reserve the right to retain any animal.


The herd is tested annually for CAE.  There has never been CL in the herd.  The goats are kept UTD on all vaccinations.  Regular fecal testing shows if deworming or coccidia treatment is needed.

I am willing to have any additional testing done at the purchaser’s expense.


I guarantee the health of the animal when it leaves my property.  Once it leaves my property I am no longer responsible for its health as I have no control over them.  Refunds will only be issued upon paperwork from a veterinarian stating that death or illness is in fact the result of a genetic condition and not the result of your herd health management.  My liability would be limited to the purchase price of the kid.

All kids are disbudded, tattooed, wormed (if needed) and will have their first (& 2nd if they leave later) CD&T when they leave Sageland.


A $50 deposit will hold a kid of the gender of your choice from the breeding of your choice.  If the kid of your choice is not born or not available then you may choose from available animals or receive a full refund.  If the kid of your choice is born full payment must be received within two weeks of notification.

Kids are weaned at approximately 10 weeks old.  Once the animal is ready to leave you will pick up the animal within a reasonable amount of time, usually within two weeks.  If you cannot pick the animal up or arrange transportation for the animal within an agreed amount of time, then the purchase price of the animal will be forfeit, and I will be free to find another buyer.

If a buckling has been paid for in full, I will keep him intact until pickup/delivery at weaning, which is 10 weeks.  Any bucklings not picked up by weaning/10 weeks will be neutered and the purchase price forfeited, unless other arrangements are mutually agreed upon in writing.

Prices may increase on non-pre-ordered kids, depending on the age of the kid.

All animals come with registration certificates for ADGA or MDGA/TMGR, depending upon breed.

I accept cashier’s checks, money orders or cash as payment.  Animals will not leave the property until they are paid in full.

Goats are herd animals.  You will need at least two goats.  Please check with me to see if I have an available companion animal for your goat at a reduced price.


I encourage you to pick up your animal.  I’d enjoy meeting you and you can see the goats.

I do not ship by air.

I can generally meet buyers within a couple of hours from my home for the cost of fuel.  If you choose to work with a ground transport shipper, I am about 20 minutes from I-82 and can work out arrangements to meet with the shipper at the interstate.  Fuel expenses must be paid in advance.

Buyers are responsible for all shipping costs, including shipping fees, kennel (with modifications if required), additional testing, and health certificates.  Since required testing will vary depending on your state, it will be your responsibility to contact my veterinarian to determine what tests are currently necessary for shipping to your state.  Please contact me for my veterinarian contact information.

You will need to pay all veterinary costs directly to the veterinarian in advance.  I will schedule veterinary visits as needed.  My vet is a mobile vet so please allow additional time for the appointment(s), any test results to arrive and permits to be received prior to pickup or shipping.