The Dog Days of Summer

Skippy is a rescue from the Tri Cities Animal Control.  He is a very busy farm dog!  Every day he jumps in the truck and drives all over the farm and fields checking that everything is running right and the farm is secure.  He takes his job seriously.

When the hay has been cut he spends a lot of time routing out any meadow voles, mice or gophers the raptors, crows and ravens missed while we were cutting.  He has an amazing nose!

At the end of the day it’s time for him to kick back, relax and watch a little TV.

Dog Days of Summer cr

Skippy is also extremely good with the 4 grandchildren.  While most dogs don’t like the quick movements and loud noises of young kids (the grandkids are 2,3 & 4), Skippy thrives on interacting with them.

Noah rubbing Skippy's tummy

We are really happy we adopted Skippy.  He has a wonderful life and “wears many hats” on our farm.



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