Whirlwind in the hay field!

June 12th, 2021

During 2nd cutting we had some excitement.  A whirlwind came through one of the fields and made of mess of the raked hay.  Mother Nature put on quite a show!

Jasper (3 yrs old) was riding with his Dad when they filmed this.  When the whirlwind came closer it scared him.  We’ve had a few smaller whirlwinds come through since this one and now Jasper is used to them.



2nd Cutting is Ready!

June 12th, 2021

We finished 2nd cutting yesterday.  It was in the stack and fully tarped by dark.  We had all 3 balers working hard and fast to get finished before the expected rain last night.  We made it!  Clean, green, sweet smelling, consistency in every bale and no rain.

A rail car spur runs between two of our fields.  That’s why you see rail cars parked in the photo.

3 balers

The view from one of our fields.  We love the Horse Heaven Hills vista.

Field G


Honor Them…Remember Them

May 28th, 2021

As we enter this Memorial Day weekend, we remember those who paid the ultimate price.  If visiting a cemetery and you notice coins placed on the headstone, here is the meaning of each coin.