Rainy Days Are Good For The Fields!

November 17th, 2020

Rainy days make the fields happy!  We only receive 7-10″ of rain annually in our region.  Every drop is important to the health of the grasses.

Rainy weather also makes us happy our hay yards have a deep basalt rock base to keep the bottom bales off the ground and that the hay stacks are fully covered to protect them from the weather.  When the tarp is pulled back the bales are still as green, sweet smelling and nutritious as when they were put up.

fully tarped



Thank you Veterans!

November 11th, 2020

There’s no way to thank our veterans for everything they sacrifice for our freedom, but on Veterans Day, we have to try. So thank you to all our service men and women, both past and present!



Lenticular Clouds over the farm!

November 5th, 2020

What a unique cloud in the sky over the farm late yesterday!  It’s a lenticular cloud.

clouds over facility