130 more acres!

March 23rd, 2021

We just finished seeding an additional 130 acres in orchard grass!  The property was leased from us by another farmer until this year.  Rather than lease it out again we decided to farm it ourselves.  In another 10 days we should see little green shoots emerging from the soil.

Easterday west field after planting



Spring Fertilizer

March 7th, 2021

Today we began fertilizing the fields with nitrogen (urea).  This feeds the plants for above ground growth and will help them reach peak production.



Snow, snow and more snow!

February 16th, 2021

The average amount of snowfall we receive in February is 2.2″.  We’ve definitely surpassed that!

This snow is dry and doesn’t contain a huge amount of moisture but because it has blanketed every square inch of the fields what moisture and nutrients it does contain will help the fields when it melts.  The blanket of snow also protects the plants from the cold temperatures.

We feed the Canada geese whole corn every year.  It depends upon the weather how much and for how long.  It’s fun to have them right out our picture window not more than 50 yards from our fence.

2020.2.15 snow

geese by the pivot

Of course, you can’t have snow without snow fights!  Look at that devilish grin Jasper has as he heads toward Granny to hit her with a chunk of snow!  The piles of snow from clearing the farm also make great mountains to climb!

Snow fight