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Game Farm Hay


Welcome to Game Farm Hay!

Game Farm Hay specializes in the production of two-tie premium grade orchard grass hay.  Clean, green, sweet-smelling hay with consistent quality in every bale.

Whether you have horses, cattle, sheep, goats or other livestock, quality hay is an essential part of their diet, and it is important to choose high quality hay to feed your animals. Orchard grass produces consistent soft textured hay that animals readily consume with minimal or no waste.

Animals convert hay into energy.  The nutrition from hay is vital to keep your animals healthy and to protect their digestive health. Poor quality hay could lead to digestive issues and respiratory problems. Animals are less likely to eat bad hay and there will be more waste. Quality hay, on the other hand, can help keep animals healthy and fit even during harsh winters or other poor conditions.

Your animals will thank you for feeding Game Farm Hay’s premium grade orchard grass hay by achieving their genetic potential and maintaining their ability to perform at their peak.