Game Farm Hay


Game Farm Hay specializes in the production of premium grade orchard grass hay baled in two-tie bales.

Customers have come to expect the consistent premium grade hay in every bale of orchard grass we produce.  We achieve this through following best practices for irrigating and field fertilization.  Soil tests guarantee we apply just the right amount of fertilizer and nutrients the hay needs at the appropriate times throughout the year. 

We are continually grading our fields at each level of growth through harvest and storage.  From the soil that feeds the plants to the tarps which protect the baled product, our attention to every detail is important for producing our premium grade orchard grass hay.

We cut, dry and bale our hay within a narrow window of time which is dictated by Mother Nature. Weather plays a huge roll in producing our premium grade orchard grass hay.  During harvest season we constantly watch the weather for the perfect weather window to cut, rake and bale our hay.

Once baled, the hay is then picked up with a bale wagon and moved to our basalt rock hay yards. Placing the hay on the rock protects bottom bales from moisture. The hay is then fully tarped to protect it from the elements.

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