Game Farm Hay



Game Farm Hay recommends feeding the highest quality forage for your animal’s health. Their digestive system was specifically made to digest forage.  It should be the most important ingredient in their diet.

When choosing the best hay for different livestock, consider not only the type of animal, but also:

• Nutritional needs, such as different needs for pregnant or nursing livestock
• Age and growth rates that may require feed adjustments for the best health
• Other dietary sources, such as the quality and quantity of pasture or supplements

We believe knowledge is important in helping our customers understand the hay product they are buying and how it will affect their animal’s health.  Ward Lab has excellent resource information.

How much hay will my animal need for the winter?  Here is a good article to help you calculate their needs.  It is always best to err on the side of having too much rather than running out when quality hay is not available.

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