Game Farm Hay


Bale Wagon

Have you ever wondered what the view is from the bale’s perspective when the bale wagon is picking up bales? Take a look!

Twinstar G2-6 dual haybob

Using the Twinstar G2-6 in dual haybob mode we are lifting the rows of hay to put the dry hay on the bottom and the damp hay on the top to decrease drying time.


This whirlwind picked up hay we had just raked. It created quite a mess and we had to re-rake parts of the field.

Baling Hay

You can tell the amount of hay in the field by how close the bales are in each row. This is a big cutting. Each bale is 16x18x48 and weighs a minimum of 85# when baled.

Cutting Hay

We drive about 8 mph when cutting hay with our rotary swathers. They can stop quickly and turn on a dime.

Twinstar G2-6 Double Raking

Raking two rows into one row prior to baling with our Twinstar G2-6 rakes.

Unloading Bales

Our NH H9880 bale wagon unloading 103 bales of premium orchard grass hay into the stack.